BeeBox PRO Vape Battery for 510 Cartridges & PODs


HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer Battery Highlights:
– Works w/ 510 cartridges and vape POD’s (Juul Pods compatible)
– Digitally Power Adjustable from 2.0-4.2 Volts
– Watt Mode allows adjustability between 4.0W-12Watts
– Preheat Function
– Locking Safety Feature
– High Capacity 600MAH Battery
– Micro USB Charge
– Auto Draw (inhale activation) Pod Port
– Push Button Activation, Switchblade-Action 510 Cartridge port
– High Quality- Lightweight Aluminum Body
– Concealable & compact mini vape MOD that fits into small pockets
NOTE: 510 Cartridge & POD cartridge are NOT included